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Replacement Card Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers 

Sandee: You may request a copy of your records with the OMMPno new card(s) issued, for only $5.00. Would this show the latest changes?

Aaron Cossel: If the only change a person makes is to his/her name or mailing address, then we'll make the change in the system but we won't have any documents to provide to the patient showing this (the person could request a file copy which would consist of a date stamped copy of the form submitted to us, however). If the individual wishes to make a change to his/her caregiver, grower, or grow site, s/he will have to pay the fee or we won't make the requested changes.

Sandee: One is required to let the OMMP know of a change of address or name. If you change your name or move and want replacement cards, it's $100.  Can you ask that no new cards be issued and ask for a copy of your records for $5 with the change on the records instead? 

Aaron:  No, we won't make the changes unless the replacement card fee ($100) is submitted with the request. Replacement cards are auto-generated by our new database. 

Sandee:  Lost or stolen - card(s) reissued - $100.   Can you ask that no new cards be issued and ask for a copy of your records instead? 

Aaron:  Yes. A patient wouldn't even have to notify us that his/her cards were lost or stolen. If we simply receive a request for a copy of a file (along with $5), we'll send a copy of the file which will consist of copies of the cards, assuming they've already been issued. Whether law enforcement would accept a photocopy of a card as proof when using or transporting medicine is a question we can't answer, however. 

Sandee:  New caregiver, grower or grow site- card(s) reissued - $100.  I'm assuming that new cards would have to be issued because of the Grow Site placard?  

Aaron:  All three cards will be issued so that each card has the correct, updated information. 

Sandee:  If a patient adds a grower before the cards have been issued, is the charge $50. 

Aaron:  Correct- if the grower is not the patient there will be a grow site fee of $50 before cards are issued. 

Sandee: If they add a caregiver or move before the cards are issued, is there a charge?

Aaron:  Nope!  Finally some good news ;-)         


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